Monday, August 13, 2007

Symbol table tab completion

I just stumbled over a feature which is either new or I didn't realize before.
It is support of tab completion in the command window.

When I'm going to set a breakpoint I normall execute an 'x' command with a good guess about the signature:
E.g. :

x kernel32!*ToWideChar

7c809bf8 kernel32!MultiByteToWideChar =

Then I can set the breakpoint either by:
bp 7c809bf8
bp kernel32!MultiByteToWideChar

Now by accident (I'm used to that from the console) I wrote just a few letters and pressed the tab key and surprise windbg did the rest ;-)

Try the following:

1.) bp ker<2*tab> gives bp kernel32!
2.) bp kernel32!Mul gives bp kernel32!MultiByteToWideChar
3.) and the breakpoint is set

Those little enhancements can significantly make your life easier.

I observed it with windbg Please tell me if it was there before and I'm telling old stories.