Friday, April 27, 2007

Windbg released

A long awaited new release of windbg is available.

The greates thing, I observed so far, is the embedded support of SOS which I didn't see in the new features list. There is no direct need to call !CLRStack or !DumpStack as the managed (along with the unmanaged) stack get's listed in the 'Calls' Window ;-)

And I couln't believe - a click on the frame brought me directly to the source code :-) :-) :-)

Only this thing that didn't work is the locals window. Then I get the message:

Integrated managed debugging does not support enumeration of local variables.See http://dbg/managed.htm for more details.

But in microsoft.public.windbg no one (at Microsoft) wanted to comment on this:

Anyways - I like the new windbg.