Friday, April 27, 2007

Windbg released

A long awaited new release of windbg is available.

The greates thing, I observed so far, is the embedded support of SOS which I didn't see in the new features list. There is no direct need to call !CLRStack or !DumpStack as the managed (along with the unmanaged) stack get's listed in the 'Calls' Window ;-)

And I couln't believe - a click on the frame brought me directly to the source code :-) :-) :-)

Only this thing that didn't work is the locals window. Then I get the message:

Integrated managed debugging does not support enumeration of local variables.See http://dbg/managed.htm for more details.

But in microsoft.public.windbg no one (at Microsoft) wanted to comment on this:

Anyways - I like the new windbg.


Olivier said...

Nice Blog;
It helps me to understand how to work with windbg.

I still have problem to manage the local variables

When I do !clrstack -l I get

0012f00c 7a6664ee System.Diagnostics.Process.WaitForExit()
0012f010 00e00d25 Dump.CMemoryDump.Dump10()
0x0012f018 = 0x0129a58c

0x0012f010 = 0x00000014
0x0012f014 = 0x00000032

But i do not have the name of the local variables

When I try the command dv, I get
Private symbols (symbols.pri) are required for locals

Do you have any ideas how i can get the local variables

Thanks a lot


Volker von Einem said...

Hi Olivier,

You hit a good point.

The CLRStack -l/p/a is kind of weak. Using -p (parameters) did a good job, but -l dumps just the stack address of the object pointer and the object pointer after the eqaul sign. You could for instance try to do a '!do 0x0129a58c'. That should give you the desired object.

For your local value types (0x0012f010 , 0x0012f014 ) I cannot give you a better hint than guessing or better looking at the disassembly to find out (by the PUSHes) which stack address corresponds with which of your variables.

I hope MS will come up with a better solution for that.

Anonymous said...

did someone say that clik a link and got right to the source code for wnddbg??

is so, could you post the link, i don't see it at the wndbbg site..


Kenneth Hung said...

I`m looking for a copy of the Windbg to do some C# source code debugging. Does anyone have a copy that can share with me? Really appreciated.


Volker von Einem said...

This only works for CLR 2.0!
I still have a copy - send me your email and you will get it.
I'm not using this anymore.