Thursday, October 25, 2007

SOSAssist >> Toolbox

Tess mentioned in her recent post '.NET Finalizer Memory Leak: Debugging with sos.dll in Visual Studio' a tool named SOSAssis written by Ingo Rammer. I was curious, clicked on the link and looked at the screenshots.
I couldn't believe that there is a tool out there that eases .NET production debugging in such a way. If you ever walked down the objects tree via sos commands you will get tears in your eyes when you look at the Stack Objects window!!!

[click to enlarge...]

I googled for sosassist and rammer and just got 4 relevant hits?!

So I needed to update on this after my very first look at the tool as I'm totally amazed! This thing should be in the toolbox of every .NET developer.

Next I will follow up on this tool soon with more experiences.


Jigar Mehta said...

Thanks for sharing this out!
This is indeed a great tool!

Thanks a lot! To both you and Ingo :)

vedala said...

Great to see you back. Was wondering what happened to you.

Volker von Einem said...

After summer vacation I was moving home with my family. Many project related tasks at work and living out of boxes at home didn't give me time blogging...