Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Amazing helper .cmdtree

In Roberto Farah's most recent post he mentions the command .cmdtree which is available since version
The result looks amazing and makes debugging with windbg a lot more productive and it makes it much more useful for especially for newbies:


I've put the text file proposed by Roberto on my public share for your (and my) convenience and added some stuff, that I found to be useful...
Currently I don't know how to put comments into this file format.
If anyone can tell me I would like to add a tribute notice into the text.

PS: Unfortunately I was not able to set the command .cmdtree CMDTREE.TXT as initial command via -c switch in  [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\WinDbg.DumpFile.1\shell\Open\command]. For some reasons windbg doesn't find the file via startup command. Any advice on how to achieve this is welcome.


MillionthMonkey said...

Use the full path to the cmdtree.txt file in your -c. That works for me.

Volker von Einem said...

Works! Thanks!
Unfortunately the command window is remembered for the workspace. So next time I open the same dump I get two commands windows. One empty one and the other one with the command tree.

You cannot have everything ;-)

Anonymous said...

Now, if only a way can be found to clear out the empty window it would be great. I'm sure there is a way.
Can the workspaces be used for that?

Kris K said...

Add -WX to the command list for the registry setting, it will disables automatic workspace loading.

The command window pops up for me detached, if there is a way to specify placement, that would be nice.

Volker von Einem said...

-WX works - thanks!
There is a way to get the command window docked:
I created a workspace file (wew) with my favorite windows docked at my favorite locations WITHOUT the command tree window. Then I load the workspace on startup via -WF