Thursday, March 06, 2008

Slow symbol loads because of unresolved breakpoints

I was wondering why debugging one specific application took much more time than it used before.
Additionally I always got this suspicious message:

Integrated managed debugging does not support enumeration of symbols.
See http://dbg/managed.htm for more details.

The root cause of the slow down was a unresolved breakpoint that caused searching for a match after each module load.

0:012> bl
0 eu             0001 (0001) (v)

(the u in eu stands for unresolved...)
It is a common illness I'm suffering from to miss the Ctrl button when doing cut and paste. The result is a breakpoint on 'v' :-(

What helped was a simple 'bc*' to clear all breakpoints and I was able to debug at the speed I was used to...

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Yuchang Guo said...

Your post save my time. Thank you.