Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Windbg version is out (I'm still keeping

Microsoft released a new version of Debugging Tools for windows. As usual the installation bits can be grabbed here..

Unfortunately the integrated managed debugging that accidentally came in with version is still missing :-(

Anyway here's the list of changes:

Highlights in Version

In this release, you will find better performance on systems with greater memory as well as those with large CPU counts. Better performance and reliability on transport initialization. Enhancements to dt, sx, z, !defwrites, !sysinfo, !gflags, Symsrv, as well as several others. For further details, please read the RELNOTES.TXT provided in the package.

Taken from the installation relnotes.txt:

* Fix kd to function properly when debugging 256 processor machine.
* Fix windbg window dragging performance problems when running under AERO
on Vista.
* Alert the user when a debug transport is already opened by another
instance of the debugger.
* Only attempt driver install after opening the transport fails with file
not found.
* Add /LARGEADDRESSAWARE to debugger executables (cdb/kd/ntsd/windbg).
* Update vmdemux tool
* Fix pdbcopy.exe tool
* "dt" would display enumerant symbolic names for enumeration-typed bit-
field members.
* Make "dt" member field match case-insensitive.
* Support wildcard module name in "dt" command. For example, "dt
* "dt/dv" would output more information indicating that this is an empty
string (the default display "") or this is memory read failure (new output
"--- memory read error at address ...").
* "sx? ud" commands can now use an image name (for example, ntdll.dll) as
well as a module name (ntdll).
* Fix ".dbgdbg" command failure when debugger is installed in a directory
that contains spaces (for example, "c:\Program Files\Debuggers").
* Fix "z" command loop counter reset problem.
* Debugger extension would be loaded using LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH
so that dependent binaries could be loaded from the same directory where
loaded extension resides (and the directory is not part of search path).
* "!defwrites" (in kdexts.dll) will not query nt!MmThrottleTop and
nt!MmThrottleBottom values in Windows Vista.
* Fix for "!sysinfo cpuinfo".
* Fix for "!sysinfo gbl" infinite loop problem.
* Fix for DisplayFlags() has output string buffer overrun when using
"!handle" (in ntsdexts.dll).
* Fix for "!gflags" command.
* Fix so that "fltkd" and "boot" debugger extensions run on pre-Win7 OS.
* Fix Symstore/SymChk improved detection for resource-only binaries
* Continued on-going improvements to !analyze

Good to know, that you can have multiple versions of windbg on the same machine by simply x-copying it - hope that someday there's no need to write: "I'm still keeping"

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Anonymous said...

[Support wildcard module name in "dt" command. For example, "dt
adv!*RegQuery*". ] really ??

[dt nt!*OBJECT] This's command none output.