Monday, November 24, 2008

Windbg version is out (I'm still keeping

As some blogs (here and here) already published there is a new version of windbg out:


Here's the direct download link. Unfortunately there's still no inherent managed debugging support as we had with so I'll keep this version (until the end of days?)...



Pat Styles explains in the windbg newsgroup the background why this managed debugging feature made it's way in public and why it has been taken way very soon.
So sad it is: likely there  will be NO managed debugging support for windbg in the future. So be happy if you kept your and make an extra backup!


As last time the highlights are very roughly described so I pasting the full list of relnotes.txt here for googles convenience ;-)

I marked the features I very personally like in green

Important changes in WinDbg 6.10:

  * CE6 dump processing now works.
  * NT4 no longer supported.
  * Enable installation of the USB debug driver on 64bit versions of Windows.
  * Install USBView.exe as part of the debugger package.
  * Enable use of any 1394 cards in target machines.
  * Improve 1394 debug driver reliability, responsiveness and performance.
  * Improve error messages for specific 1394 driver installation failures.
  * Prevent loss of 1394 debug connections after host sleep or hibernate.
  * Change the 1394 debug driver to write every sent packet to the target
    regardless of whether the previously sent packet was acknowleged.
  * Ensure the installed 1394 debug driver is new enough to work properly with
    the current release of the debugger.  (Update the 1394 driver to the
    version shipped in this debugger package.)
  * Automatically reconnect to broken in target machines when doing 1394
    kernel debugging.
  * Introduce new ".dump /mA ..." option to generate user-mode minidump.
    The new behaiour is the same as ".dump /ma" except that it will ignore
    inacessable memory read failure and continue minidump generation,
    instead of bailing out immediately.
>>I've seen this behavior quite often - so thank's for that!<<
  * Add CHK/FRE information in user-mode minidump. Only dumps generated from
    the new debugger will carry this information.
  * Include breakpoint exception in user-mode minidump when the dump is
    generated after a breakpoint hits. This enables debugger to show the
    current process/thread information when debugging a dump file.
  * Fix debugger hang when writing lsass dump files.
  * Fix debugging of WOW64 minidumps containing managed code.
  * Force the WOW64 extension to convert contexts as appropriate.
  * Don't sign extend addresses of 32 bit user mode processes in the 64 bit
  * Set 64bit debugger as the postmortem debugger for WOW64 applications.
  * Disable adding user-mode breakpoints in kd when KdIgnoreUmException is set.
  * Fix escape character ("\") parsing problem in the bl command.
  * Force bu breakpoint removal for unloaded modules.
  * Add automatic IPv6 detection to the "-remote tcp:..." remote protocol.
  * Fix .sleep to work when -ddefer is used.
  * Fix .tlist command
  * Performance improvements to windbg and other debuggers.
  * Notify users when workspace corruption is detected.
  * Fix the infinite recursion with corrupt workspaces in windbg.
  * Report the correct processor family values in !cpuid for all processors.
  * Attempt to breakin only once per ctrl-c, ctrl-break instead of spinning
    in a loop on packet write failure.
  * Print the target computername in the debugger vertarget output when symbol
    information is available.
  * Tell debugger users how to break out of symbol loading, if it does not
    complete within a reasonable amount of time.
  * Display source server spew state when .srcnoisy is run. Also display the
    source server only output filter state.
  * Workaround for Vista/DWM unpainted captions.
  * Add host debugger time when remote kernel target boots and shuts down.
  * Symstore: don't truncate long file names when compressing files.
  * Symchk: Add recursive symbol search option ("/sr") to force SymChk to
    recursively search (non-symbol server) symbol paths for matching symbols.
  * Add support in symsrv for getting file pointers from an http store and
    using them as is without caching them to the default downstream store.
  * Agestore tool should not run on computers that do not update the
    last-access-time on files.
  * Many !analyze improvements.
  * Extensive debugger documentation updates.


Anonymous said...

* Introduce new ".dump /mA ..." option to generate user-mode minidump.
The new behaiour is the same as ".dump /ma" except that it will ignore
inacessable memory read failure and continue minidump generation,
instead of bailing out immediately.

Hi Volker, do you know if the inacessable memory read failure causes dumps to be corrupt?

Volker von Einem said...

I remember I wanted to create a full dump without success and took the fallback solution of a mini dump instead. I think it was simply not possible to create a dump.

nvedala said...

Hi Volker,
Since you are the one I know who keeps version, may I get the MD5 hash of it? I found a link where this release is available for download. But need to make sure it is not tampered anyway.