Friday, February 20, 2009

Windbg is out

There's no support for integrated managed debugging. Here's the link:


Highlights in Version
The following changes have been made to Debugging Tools for Windows:

• Numerous bug fixes and documentation updates
• Numerous updates to improve 1394 debugging (see relnotes.txt for details)
• support using “.process /p …” in kd -kl, so you can see user mode memory in the appropriate process context (which means user mode stacks, !peb, etc.)


IvyMike said... is out now.

And there's also now a mysterious note on the windbg page for release .402: "This version has been replaced by version and should not be used." I wonder what is wrong with .402.

Anonymous said...

on my machine .402 didn't break on DebugBreak()

IvyMike said...

This post mentions a possible issue with .402:

Note: Eagle-eye readers may have noticed that the debugger states every frame in the above thread uses frame pointer optimization (FPO). This is a bug in version 6.11.0001.402 of the debugger.I am not sure if that is fixed in .404 or not. (I sent in a comment to the blog author. We'll see if Trey Nash posts my comment and, hopefully, an answer.)

Anonymous said...


We can pull kernel mode dlls , .sys files in Windbg into a target using map files / .kdfiles in Windbg. Is there any way we can do the same for .exe and use mode dlls ?